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Glass Technique Instruction

since 1978

Beginning to Advanced Stained Glass

I've taught thousands of beginning stained glass students the basic principles of stained glass starting with my first employer in 1978, continuing with my own business Glass Concepts in the 80's and 90's, and since 2003 through the Dickenson Lifelong Learning program. Some students will make just the one project, and others will turn stained glass into an avocation. Some students will start with a simple beginning design and finish in one session, and others will design their own project that takes several sessions to complete. I have learned a great deal from my students, and look forward to teaching many more.



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Next Stained Glass Class tentatively starting January 2021

check the schedule here


Glass Fusing Basics

This class is in development for 2021. Students will learn fundamental principles while producing a series of small projects.


Please check back for more details, or contact me for more information.


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