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Stained Glass Resources

Custom Stained Glass Fabrication

Stained glass is a perfect solution when you want a little more privacy than that picture window gives you. Or maybe you just don't care for curtains or blinds. Glass will let the light in, make the background dance with movement, and add color or graphic design to your interiors.

Thank you Frank Lloyd Wright.


  • Custom stained glass pricing depends on the complexity of the design and the cost of materials. Glass panels start at $150/sq.ft but may go as high as $425/sq.ft. We can give you a ballpark estimate after a brief discussion.

  • All designs are original.

  • Delivery and installation are bid separately.

Honestly, it's complicated. Drop me a note to start a dialogue.


because your kitchen window can go from this...

Morrison Ryan before.jpg this.

Morrison-Ryan 2009.jpg
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