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Fused Panels with Stands

free standing in custom metal bases or wood easels

This series in the custom metal stands clearly shows a heritage from years of creating stained glass windows. I fire these multiple times in the kiln to create the visual depth in both the tree trunks and in the foliage, creating fused glass pieces that look good from both sides... more like a window than a painting. The problem is that they are challenging to photograph in a way that shows the complexity of the layering, and the coloring changes dramatically depending on the light. So check out the video tours, like the example to the right, to see how this glass interacts with its background.

The smaller panels presented in a wood stand show best in reflected lighting, more like a painting. The visual depth is still apparent in the multiple layers of leaves, but adding the opaque sky makes these pieces display best on a shelf or an alcove.

And since we're used to you experiencing these in person, please feel free to call and start a discussion about what you are seeing. We can send more pictures, or videos. The caveats for the pictures and the hand-held iPhone videos would overwhelm this page.

All prices include free shipping.

Please check back son for new available pieces... or give Leonard a call: 1-406.544.5486

Here are other variations. If you see something you like, please call Leonard here for current availability, or check our festival schedule here to see if he's in your neighborhood.

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