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We love adding a natural stone base to the glass panels. Not available on the website yet, but check out our festival schedule here and see if Leonard will be in your neighborhood soon.

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Coming up next....

Sweet Pea Festival

August 2-4

Lindley Park

Bozeman MT

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Or see if Leonard will be in your neighborhood sometime soon.

Stained Glass

Shop Fused Glass Jewelry

I first started playing with dichroic glass

in the 80's. It hasn't lost it's sparkly charm.

If you want something more classic

but still colorful, we have that too.


And all prices include free shipping.

I have joined Artistic Souls Gallery on Facebook where you might find some pieces unavailable anywhere else. I'll be playing more with bowls and small sculptures in natural stone bases, and playing with various fusing techniques. 
See a few samples in the slide deck below.
And check out the Facebook group site here: Artistic Souls Gallery | Facebook

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Shop Fused Glass Art

The Aspen Grove Series

Crushed glass (also known as frit) and glass powders are used to paint the imagery of a grove of trees in the changing seasons. Starting at room temperature, the glass is heated in a kiln to a process temperature of 1500 degrees, then cooled through several annealing zones back to room temperature. Multiple firings result in more complex geometric

designs using cut sheet glass, or by slumping

the glass into a mold to achieve

the curve of a plate or bowl.

And all prices include free shipping.

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because sometimes you just need to get

the answers from a human being

(406) 544-5486

Mountain standard time please!



Thanks for submitting!

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Stained and Fused Glass Panels

Glass art always looks more vibrant in person, but maybe the handheld video  will help you see how wonderfully the mouth blown antique glass and clear textures combine with the fused Aspen section to dance with the background. This Spring panel found a new home in Tucson but I enjoyed the process so much, I'm starting on more variations.

Thank you pandemic for allowing me the time to finally

put the two techniques together! 

Drop me a note below if you want to see the new work when its available.

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Utah Arts Festival 2019

Where's Leonard?

He might be near you soon!

Check out our schedule here

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Stained Glass Resources

This is how I avoided graduate school back in 1978 and I still love it. Autonomous panels, commissioned work, repair and restoration.

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Student Resources

I'm currently offering classes in both

stained glass and glass fusing.

Private instruction is also available

42 years ago I was a recent graduate with a degree in history trying really hard not to leave Missoula to get an advanced degree. Read: boyfriend, dog, great town.

Stained glass offered me an alternative and I've never looked back.

Αν και συχνά σκέφτομαι την καριέρα που δεν διάλεγα.


43 years: a portfolio

Home: Welcome

Katie Patten and Leonard Tinnell

Stained Glass Design and Glass Fusing Since 1978

Where does our tagline "cold to hot" come from? Glass goes from room temperature to at least 1500 degrees in the fusing process, and then is cooled through a range of temperature zones back to room temperature. Glass can also be a little high-maintenance to work with, a little volatile when you're cutting it, or very fussy about the care you take in developing a fusing schedule. Mercurial indeed. These challenging personality traits are worth the effort though. What material is more transfixing than glass, with its ability to both refract and reflect light? This is a dance with light, constantly changing depending on the source. That's why I've been enamored with this material for over four decades and am still regularly intrigued by its versatility.

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